CAPE Initiative

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The objective of the Cancer Advocacy & Patient Education (CAPE) initiative is to create a web-based library of best-practice information that providers in the cancer space can give to their patients and caregivers at each point of interaction. The objectives are:
  • To make the time between diagnosis and treatment as productive and meaningful as possible through interactivity and education to meet patients’ psychosocial needs
  • To improve communication and shared decision-making around diagnosis, testing, and treatment between the patient, caregiver, and the cancer treatment team
  • To ensure patient understanding of their diagnostic and treatment journey, individualized to their disease state
The CAPE program’s web-based platform will allow navigators and healthcare providers to deliver a personalized digital prescription to cancer patients and caregivers of cultivated, evidence-based, best-of-the-best resources based on their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being needs to make the time between diagnosis and treatment as productive and meaningful as possible. By providing education, improving communication, sharing decision-making, and ensuring patient understanding through interactivity and personalized resources of the CAPE program, navigators and healthcare providers can engage, inform, and empower newly diagnosed cancer patients, resulting in reduced distress and an improved patient experience. The education platform will assist the identification of interventions or tools to improve quality of life throughout the disease process.
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