Navigation & Survivorship News

Celebrating What Makes Our Local Navigator Networks Unique

Among the many things that make our Local Navigator Networks (LNN) special are the unique perspectives, experiences, and regional nuances that they bring to the conversation. AONN+ celebrates this diversity in several ways.

LNNs on the State Level

The term “local” in Local Navigator Network (LNN) can encompass more than a city or region, as demonstrated by the Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and Virginia LNNs. Learn how these state-wide groups leverage their collective navigation voice to introduce positive change.

Local Navigation Network (LNN) Leadership Strengths - Part Two

AONN+’s Local Navigation Network (LNN) leaders exhibit many strengths. In part two of this series, Sharon Gentry discusses how LNN leaders demonstrate persistence, creativity, and other traits in their role, applying them for the benefit of their members and profession.

Local Navigation Network (LNN) Leadership Strengths - Part One

AONN+’s Local Navigation Network (LNN) leaders exhibit many strengths. Learn about some of these traits and hear how LNN leaders across the country are applying them for the benefit of their members and profession.

How to Best Support Your Colleague with Cancer

Professional colleagues can become a constant and significant part of our daily routines. So how does this change if one of them is diagnosed with cancer? In this article, we offer some tips to help individuals support co-workers throughout cancer treatment.

That’s a Local Navigation Wrap for 2023!

Sharon Gentry reflects on the highlights of the past couple months, including a warm reception from the South Texas Local Navigator Network (LNN)—led by Nicola Stewart and Stephen Mazer—during our 2023 Annual Conference, and the many LNN activities across the nation that have amplified AONN+’s mission and the navigation profession at large.

Tips to Help Employed Patients With Cancer Navigate Their Treatment

When diagnosed with cancer, one of the first things people worry about is their ability to work. The good news is that there are steps that your patients and their employers can take to strike a balance between cancer treatments and work responsibilities.

ACCCNN Celebrates Its Official Launch and Inaugural Summit

Two years ago, when faced with the tremendous need for a professional home for chronic and complex care nurse navigators, we took the plunge and founded the Association of Chronic & Complex Care Nurse Navigators (ACCCNN). That decision culminated in our inaugural ACCCNN Summit in November.

Kentucky Oncology Navigator Network (KONN) Named the 2023 AONN+ Outstanding LNN

AONN+ is proud to name the KONN as this year’s Outstanding LNN Award Winner. We congratulate KONN on this achievement and celebrate its spirit of collaboration and professional commitment!

Clear Communication After a Cancer Diagnosis: Educating Patients About Their Treatments

Studies have shown that, when in a stressful situation, people retain as little as 10% of what they were told. Click below for tips on how to deliver compassionate and clear communication that will help patients process their diagnosis and make informed decisions about their care.